Inner Light Counseling

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Accessing the Inner Advisor: Tapping the wisdom within for wholeness and living well

Upon awakening, each and every day, open to the wisdom that awaits in the receptive spaciousness of the mind. Awaken, arise, open, and receive messages from an advisor within, always available though too often not accessible. We can cultivate an ongoing relationship with our inner advisor, or Wise Self. Discover the wisdom that emerges in silence as you experience whatever your journey requires you to learn or achieve.

For each of 40 consecutive days, every morning, I opened my mind upon arising and entered a meditative state. Patiently, I awaited receipt of 5 brief messages from my inner advisor that helped to enlighten the journey we are all on toward entelechy. The inspiration derived from this process conveys a perspective on entelechy that embraces the nature of our bodymindspirit; combining presence, alignment, relatedness, acceptance, and grace into a sense of greater purpose and wholeness.

Please click the link below for my 40 days of inner advisor inspiration in an effort to share words to describe the embrace of a spiritual path that integrates body, heart, and mind. Learning to access the wisdom of the inner advisor is an essential "innerlight move."